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SQL Saturdays are free, one-day training events for SQL Server professionals. Many of these events include a session or discussion on a topic related to Women in Technology. Check out the calendar below for information on upcoming WIT activities at a SQLSaturday near you.

Want to organize a WIT event at your local SQLSaturday but don't know where to start? Download our WIT Session Kit for session abstracts and outlines you can use. For questions or help organizing your event, contact our Regional Activities coordinators by sending an email to WITvc@sqlpass.org.

Event  Location  Date  Session Title  Presenter
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Biml 101: Automation and Patterns
Yuliya Quintela
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Automating Your BI Framework
Stacia Varga
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Microsoft R Explained
Dana Stubben
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Even I Can Power BI!
Julia Renz
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Does Your Performance Tuning Need a 12-step Program?
Janis Griffin
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Where Does R Fit Into Your SQL Server Stack?
Stacia Varga
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Welcome To the 2016 Query Store!
Janis Griffin
SQL Saturday #662 Sioux Falls 8/19/2017 Getting Your Story Straight with Data Visualizations
Stacia Varga
SQL Saturday #618 Brasilia 8/19/2017 O que acontece quando eu executo minha query? - Conhecendo o Query Optimizer
Suellen Moraes
SQL Saturday #618 Brasilia 8/19/2017 Monitorando Atividades Físicas com o Power BI
Sulamita Dantas
SQL Saturday #646 Singapore 8/26/2017 1 Database, Many Data Models: Database Designers and Azure Cosmos DB
Karen Lopez
SQL Saturday #635 Vancouver 8/26/2017 Oracle vs. SQL Server Indexing- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
SQL Saturday #635 Vancouver 8/26/2017 Power BI : Dashboard in an hour
Sophie Marchand, Francis Paquet
SQL Saturday #635 Vancouver 8/26/2017 Excel and SSIS: Better Together
Diane Schuster
SQL Saturday #635 Vancouver 8/26/2017 Biml for Beginners: Speed Up Your SSIS Development
Cathrine Wilhelmsen
SQL Saturday #635 Vancouver 8/26/2017 Give more power to the users! - Decision Support Using Power BI SP & O365 data for a Small Business Yana Berkovich
SQL Saturday #655 Auckland 9/2/2017 Empowering your Business with Measure (Power BI), Act (Powerapps) and Automate (Flow) Tools
Anupama Natarajan
SQL Saturday #655 Auckland 9/2/2017 Endless Possibilities: R and Power BI
Leila Etaati
SQL Saturday #655 Auckland 9/2/2017 The Tricky Part of Doing Tricky Things in your Database
Karen Lopez
SQL Saturday #655 Auckland 9/2/2017 DBA and DEV Panel Discussion
Karen Lopez, Vitor Fava...
SQL Saturday #667 Oslo 9/2/2017 Governing Power BI in large organizations, A story from a global classification company
Ida Bergum
SQL Saturday #667 Oslo 9/2/2017 Power BI Administration and Best Practices Implementation Techni
Ginger Grant
SQL Saturday #648 Johannesburg 9/2/2017 How to become the most sought after SQL Server professionals in SA
Vanessa Raath
SQL Saturday #648 Johannesburg 9/2/2017 Go, Go, QueryStore!
Gail Shaw
SQL Saturday #648 Johannesburg 9/2/2017 The Power of Social Media with PowerBI using Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics
Jeanne Combrinck
SQL Saturday #648 Johannesburg 9/2/2017 Azure SQL DW vs Azure Cosmos DB vs Azure Data Lake Store
Minette Steynberg
SQL Saturday #670 Banja Luka 9/9/2017 Power Bi for beginner IoT developer
Catalin Gheorghiu, Jelena Miodragovic
SQL Saturday #637 Cape Town 9/9/2017 Exploring Twitter Campaigns, Facebook and Google Analytics data in PowerBI
Jeanne Combrinck
SQL Saturday #637 Cape Town 9/9/2017 Why are there pirates and snakes in my SQL Server?
Gail Shaw
SQL Saturday #637 Cape Town 9/9/2017 Adaptive Query Plans? What’s up with that?
Gail Shaw
SQL Saturday #632 Cambridge 9/9/2017 What's new in Power BI Report Server
Prathy Kamasani
SQL Saturday #632 Cambridge 9/9/2017 Data Science Fundamentals
Stephanie Locke
SQL Saturday #632 Cambridge 9/9/2017 Columnstore killed the OLAP-Star?
Niko Neugebauer, Gabi Münster



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