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SQL Saturdays are free, one-day training events for SQL Server professionals. Many of these events include a session or discussion on a topic related to Women in Technology. Check out the calendar below for information on upcoming WIT activities at a SQLSaturday near you.

Want to organize a WIT event at your local SQLSaturday but don't know where to start? Download our WIT Session Kit for session abstracts and outlines you can use. For questions or help organizing your event, contact our Regional Activities coordinators by sending an email to WITvc@sqlpass.org.

Event  Location  Date  Session Title  Presenter
SQL Saturday #663 Rio de Janeiro 10/21/2017 Versões do SQL Server - 2000 a 2017 Sulamita Dantas
SQL Saturday #685 Porto 10/28/2017 Development Methodology for BI teams Maryna Popova
SQL Saturday #685 Porto 10/28/2017 Modeling scenarios in DAX, the awesome language of Power BI
Ana Maria Bisbe York
SQL Saturday #669 Costa Rica 10/28/2017 Introducción a Reporting Services 2016
Yanitza Campos
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 Don’t Panic: Use the DBA Cheat Sheet for Administrative Tasks
Elizabeth Brock
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 Boost your Analytics with Machine Learning for SQL Nerds
Julie Koesmarno
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 Welcome To the 2016 Query Store!
Janis Griffin
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 Azure Machine Learning 101
Kathi Kellenberger
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 Well, actually... How to not be THAT guy in IT
Rie Irish
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 Introduction to Cortana – Turning Data into Intelligent Action
Melody Zacharias
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 Hi, my name is Powershell, let's be friends! An Intro to PoSH
Amy Herold
SQL Saturday #686 Oregon 10/28/2017 On Transactions and Atomic Operations
Gail Shaw
PASS Summit Pre-Con Seattle 10/30/2017 Applied Data Science for the SQL Server Professional [BI]
Ginger Grant
PASS Summit Pre-Con Seattle 10/30/2017
Solving Common Performance Problems Using Query Store [DBA]
Erin Stellato
PASS Summit Pre-Con Seattle 10/31/2017 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Community-proven PowerShell Solutions for Every Data Platform Pro
Chrissy LeMaire, et al
PASS Summit Pre-Con Seattle 10/31/2017 Visual Data Storytelling: How to Tell a Compelling Story that Matters to Your Users [BI]
Mico Yuk
PASS Summit Pre-Con Seattle 10/31/2017 SentryOne Peformance Boot Camp [DBA]
Lori Edwards, Melissa Coates, et al
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Cloud & Hybrid Data Storage Roadmap for Business Intelligence
Jen Stirrup
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Columnstore Killed the OLAP-Star: Did it Really?
Gabi Munster, Niko Neugebauer
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Data Visualization - A Panel Discussion
Ginger Grant, Meagan Longoria, Mico Yuk, et al
PASS Summit  Seattle 11/1/2017 DevOps Tool Combinations for Winning Agility
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Imposter Syndrome - Sometimes Feel Like a Fraud? Welcome to the #PASSFamily
Mindy Curnutt
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Mental Health in Tech
Dr. Jennifer Akullian
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Modernize your On-premises Applications with SQL Database Managed Instances
Jovan Popovic, Lindsey Allen
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Query Store and Automatic Tuning in SQL Server
Erin Stellato
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Speed up R Solutions with Azure ML
Ginger Grant
PASS Summit Seattle 11/1/2017 Why Did My Clever Index Change Backfire?
Kendra Little
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 All About PowerShell - A Panel Discussion
Chrissy LeMaire, et al
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Beyond The Install: Monitoring Availability Groups
Tracy Boggiano
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Data Modeling and Design for New Features in SQL Server and Cosmos DB
Karen Lopez
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Data Systems at Scale - A Panel Discussion
Erin Stellato, et al
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Globally Distributed Databases Made Simple
Rimma Nehme
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Indexing Deep Dive for Beginners
Kathi Kellenberger
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Introduction to Cortana – Turning Data into Intelligent Action
Melody Zacharias
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Lighting up Big Data Analytics with Apache Spark in Azure
Jen Stirrup
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Transitioning from Integration Services to Azure Data Factory
Meagan Longoria
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Women in Technology Luncheon
Heather Ritchie
PASS Summit Seattle 11/2/2017 Women's Voices from the Data Platform
C Wilhelmsen, J McCown, K Kellenberger, M Longoria, M Zacharias, M Curnutt, R Irish
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Adaptive Query Plans? What’s Up With That?
Gail Shaw
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Behavior-Driven Development and Test Automation: Agile Enablement for DW and BI Teams
Cher Fox, Lynn Winterboer
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Build a Performance Monitoring Toolset for SSAS Using Power BI
Shabnam Watson
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Building a Graph Database Application with SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL Database
Arvind Shyamsundar, Shreya Verma
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Database Server Templates in Azure Resource Manager
Database Server Templates in Azure Resource Manager
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Introducing the Newest Innovations in Advanced SQL Security
Ronit Reger
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Lightning Talks: Azure Data Factory in a Nutshell
Meagan Longoria
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Master Data: Theory & Reality
Swagatika Sarangi
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Oracle vs. SQL Server- The War of the Indices
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Tuning In-Memory Indexes 
Kalen Delaney
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 Using Big Data, the Cloud, and AI to Enable Intelligence at Scale
Danielle Dean, Wee Hyong Tok
PASS Summit Seattle 11/3/2017 When Partitioning Indexes Hurts Performance (and How to Fix It)
Kendra Little



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