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About Us

Our Mission

The Women in Technology Virtual Group seeks to provide a forum for discussion of issues pertinent to women working in technology and opportunities for women within the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) to meet and network.


In 2003 the first Women in Technology panel discussion was held at the PASS

Community Summit.

Since that inaugural panel, the WIT event has been a highlight of the Summit, with captivating speakers and lively discussion on topics relating to women in the field of technology. Participants at these panel discussions were eager to continue networking and learning from each other which led to the launch of the WIT SIG.


All of our activities are planned by our dedicated volunteers. They manage this web site, organize our annual Luncheon and promote the virtual group. Our current leadership team includes:
  • Rie Irish and Kathi Kellenberger, Virtual Group Co-Chairs
  • Wendy Pastrick, Denise McInerney, & Meredith Ryan, Group Advisors
  • Michelle Haarhues, Community Outreach

Join Us

Interested in volunteering with the WIT Virtual Group? Send an email to


If you're not sure about volunteering, but want to be kept up to date please officially join the Virtual Group through PASS here

Follow us on Twitter

Follow @PASS_WIT for updates and items of interest. Join the discussion by using the #passwit hashtag.

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