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Keep up to date with Women in Technology webinars and women presenting webinars for other PASS virtual groups

Group Date Session Presenter
The Madison SQL Server Users Group 05-20-2020 AI For Good: Predictive Weather Alerting using Cognitive Services Alicia Moniz
Colorado Springs SQL Server Users Group 05-20-2020 Creating machine learning models for the Non-Data Scientist with Azure Automated Machine Learning Ginger Grant
LA SQL Server Professionals Group 05-21-2020 SQL Server to Azure SQL: Security Anna Hoffman
Database Administration 05-27-2020 Plan Stability through Plan Forcing with Query Store Erin Stellato
SQL Saturday Pordenone 05-30-2020 Envisioning SolidQ Veronica Nuvolone
SQL Saturday Brisbane 05-30-2020 What's new in SQL Server Tools? Julie Koesmarno
SQL Saturday Brisbane 05-30-2020 Creating Modern Data Platform with Azure Synapse Workspace Ginger Grant
SQL Saturday Brisbane 05-30-2020 Intro to Azure Data Catalog Angela Henry
SQL Saturday Brisbane 05-30-2020 Top 10 Power BI Data Storytelling Techniques - An Environmental Story Alice Drummond
SQL Saturday Brisbane 05-30-2020 Lessons learnt to improve the durability of PowerBI reports Kelly Broekstra
SQL Saturday Brisbane 05-30-2020 DevOps for AI Applications Anupama Natarajan
Salem Area SQL User Group 06-10-2020 Power BI Jessica Aguilar
Women in Technology 06-10-2020 Power BI Architecture End-to-End Melissa Coates
New England SQL Server Users Group 06-10-2020 Stored Procedure Optimization Techniques Kimberly Tripp
Asheville SQL Server User Group 06-16-2020 Azure Key Vault Juliana Austin
Jacksonville SQL Server Users Group 06-17-2020 Statistics and Query Plans Erin Stellato
Women in Technology 07-14-2020 Interview with Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Gayle Sheppard Gayle Sheppard
Women in Technology 08-12-2020 Understanding Indexes for Writing Better Queries? Janice Gerbrandt
































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