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SQLSaturday and Other Events

SQL Saturdays are free, one-day training events for SQL Server professionals. Many of these events include a session or discussion on a topic related to Women in Technology. Check out the calendar below for information on upcoming WIT activities at a SQLSaturday and other community events near you.

Want to organize a WIT event at your local event but don't know where to start? Download our WIT Session Kit for session abstracts and outlines you can use. For questions or help organizing your event, contact our Regional Activities coordinators by sending an email to wit@pass.org.

Event  Location  Date  Session Title  Presenter
sqlbits Virtual 09-30-2020 Performance Tuning with Query Store in SQL Server and Azure (full day session) Erin Stellato
sqlbits Virtual 09-30-2020 Statistics4Performance: Internals, Analysis, Problem Solving (full day session) Kimberly L. Tripp
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 How to Succeed on the 'Unhappy Path' in Database DevOps Kendra Little
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 Why You Need Query Store Erin Stellato
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 SQLServer to Azure SQL: Performance and Availability Anna Hoffman
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 10 DBA Tasks for Azure SQL: Whats Different from On-Prem Rie Irish
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 Azure Data Studio Features in 20 Minutes Vicky Harp
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 Azure AI, Power new possibilities for every organization Lindsey Allen
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 Taking Models to teh Next Level with Azure Machine Learning Amy Boyd
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 Building a secure data solution using Azure Data Lake Carmel Eve
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 SQL Extensibility Architecture in Machine Learning Platform Nellie Gustafsson 
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 Exclusive SQL Bits Announcement: New Microsoft Certification Kalen Delaney
sqlbits Virtual 10-01-2020 Always Encrypted for Beginners Monica Rathbun
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Troubleshooting Plans: P1-Root Cause Analysis/Caching Probs Kimberly L. Tripp
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 No-code Bots Steph Locke
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Power Query is takng over Laura GB
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 How SQL Server keeps track of what you're keepint track of. Kalen Delaney
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Install & Configure SQL Server with PowerShell DSC Jess Pomfrett
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Let's play with a date field  & Time Intelligence in Power BI Ana Maria Bisbe York
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 SQL Server Table partitioning - DOs and DON'TS  Margarita Naumova
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Scala for Big Data the Big Picture Anna Wykes
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 How to Launch a Successful IT Inititiative Kendra Little
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Troubleshooting Plans: P2-Statistice Problems Kimberly L. Trip
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Code-free ETL using Azure Data Factory Joanna Podgetsky
sqlbits Virtual 10-02-2020 Build or Buy AI? Steph Locke
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Notebooks in Azure Data Studio Julie Koesmarno
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Start Building Machine Learning Models Faster than You Think Amy Boyd
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 AI For Good: Cognitive Serivces Vision Alicia Moniz
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Building Dynamic Data Pieplines in Azure Data Factory Cathrine Wilhelmsen
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Simple & secure big data sharing using Azure Data Share Joanna Podgoetsky
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Unlock your LinkedIn profile to unleash your full potential Hollie Whittles
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Microsoft certifications for the Data & AI professional Sandra Marin
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Diversity and inclusion quick starts for newbies and doers Community Panelists
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Combatting illegal fishing with Azure for less than £10/mth Carmel Eve
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Stop Tuning Queries and Start Tuning Your Workload Erin Stellato
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020
Democratizing Machine Learning on the SQL Platform
Nellie Gustafsson
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 The Data Lifecycle: Decision making with data in Power BI Jennifer Stirrup
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020
Lets do the cleansing with M and / or Python
Ana Maria Bisbe York
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020
Coming Soon: Upcoming SQL Tools Features
Vicky Harp
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020 Fast Focus: Azure Notebooks for Artificial Intelligence Jennifer Stirrup
sqlbits Virtual 10-03-2020
Azure SQL: What to use when  
Anna Hoffman
SQL Saturday #941 Joinville - Virtual 10-03-2020 LGPD - Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Sulamita Dantas
SQL Saturday #941 Joinville - Virtual 10-03-2020 Análise de Sentimento com Forms + Flow + Azure Cognitive Services + Power BI + SQL Database

Geórgia Spirandeli, Orlando Gomes

SQL Saturday #1003 Memphis - Virtual 10-03-2020 Become a Power BI Magician using Bookmarks and Drill Through Page DeNisha Malone
SQL Saturday #1003 Memphis - Virtual 10-03-2020 Organizational Trauma: Supporting Mental Health During a Crisis Christine Assaf
SQL Saturday #1003 Memphis - Virtual 10-03-2020 SELECT Questions FROM Diversity.Inclusion WHERE AfraidToAsk = 1 Andrea Mascher, Sarah Mascher Wallace
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