Encourage. Energize. Empower.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.  – Kofi Annan

In the above quote, Secretary Annan was referring to women in developing nations.  However, it’s just as apt a description of women in technology. 
Encourage. Energize. Empower.  Those are pretty tall orders. The YOU is implied. How about we imply instead that it’s WE? As working women with a voice,  WE need to support each other. WE need to encourage each other to try harder, to reach farther and to stand taller. WE need to energize each other when we’re tired, when we stumble and when we need to rest. 
Where should you start? How about right here?  Here is a great place to start. 
We’ll do it together.

DBA Fundamentals - Cindy Gross

Tue, Nov 10 2015 02:30 UTC

Big Data and Hadoop

In today’s world many new architectures have a variety of technical components, each tailored to do a particular job very well. We’ll talk about how and when to fit Hadoop into those solutions and how it complements SQL Server in so many architectures. You’ll learn how to get started with Hadoop and other Big Data solutions and why it’s so important to do so now, before decisions are taken away from you by those jumping on the Big Data bandwagon before you.

Cindy Gross

Cindy Gross works on all things Big Data as a Microsoft AzureCAT. She helps customers solve business problems with E2E solutions that include things like distributed data processing, Hadoop, Spark, & the Internet of Things on Azure. Roles include Big Data & Cloud Technical Fellow @ Neal Analytics, SQL PFE, SQL Server and Analysis Services Support, & SQL Server DBA. Cindy is a SQL Server Certified Master who loves to share knowledge through presentations, EBCs, technical articles & blogs.

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