Encourage. Energize. Empower.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.  – Kofi Annan

In the above quote, Secretary Annan was referring to women in developing nations.  However, it’s just as apt a description of women in technology. 
Encourage. Energize. Empower.  Those are pretty tall orders. The YOU is implied. How about we imply instead that it’s WE? As working women with a voice,  WE need to support each other. WE need to encourage each other to try harder, to reach farther and to stand taller. WE need to energize each other when we’re tired, when we stumble and when we need to rest. 
Where should you start? How about right here?  Here is a great place to start. 
We’ll do it together.

Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL SQL

Wed, Feb 01 2017 01:00 UTC

Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL SQL

The majority of PASS members work with SQL Server on a daily basis. Most of us, however, will rarely work with only one database platform throughout our careers. This session will cover the high level differences between Oracle SQL and T-SQL and overview of Oracle SQL functions.

Ashwina Dodhyani

Ashwina Dodhyani is a techno-functional business systems analyst with notable success in working on a broad range of IT projects. She possess strong analytical skills and hands-on experience with Oracle SQL in developing reporting solutions, analyzing data, and designing complex data models. Ashwina is also a mentor with the LaunchCode organization in St. Louis.

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